Om Artist

Stavanger trioen nylenda består av Øivind Hatleskog og brødrene John og Sigbjørn Håland.
Med analoge synther, orgel, trommemaskin, bass og gitar spiller nylenda dansbar, leken elektronika med elementer fra 60/70-talls psykedelia, indie og krautrock.
Nylenda slapp nylig deres første singel ”Burning Eyes” på Diamond Club.
Nylenda’s debut single is a stunning introduction to their world (…) An insistent electronic pulse reminiscent of the likes of Harmonia and Neu! combines with a percussive groove and psychedelic vocals, bringing together ’60s looseness and ’70s rigidity. The effect is for «Burning Eyes» to be a track which you can equally imagine being at home in a studio surrounded by antiquated recording devices as it would being blasted out at a club. Sure, it’s meticulously crafted, but it’s also danceable as hell.

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